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Australian abattoirs use specially trained goats, called 'Judas goats' to lead sheep and cattle to their slaughter. It's unlikely the goats are aware of their part in the terrifying and brutal death of these animals.  Not so, with the 'Judas RSPCA' who know exactly what they are doing. They have spent a great deal of time and money (donated by a caring public) to create a new Standards Checklist and paw of approval labelling system that will lead pigs and chickens to their slaughter. The RSPCA have blood on their hands and blood money in their pockets.  They are paid royalties by any 'approved farm' who meet their husbandry standards and who are then allowed to use the RSPCA's cute little puppy paw of approval. We're sure the puppy has no more moral complicity in the animals deaths as the goats do. The RSPCA will use some of the royalties to police their new business role in turning animals into commodities to be sold and eaten. So much for all creatures great and small.

The RSPCA Mission Statement assures the public that they aim “to be the leading authority in animal care and protection”, however, their policies and actions are telling another story.  We doubt anyone would believe the pigs and chickens screaming in fear and terror as they get near the knife or stunner are feeling very protected.

RSPCA is acting unethically on three levels:

1. Condoning Animal Suffering
The RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme is giving a strong message to the public that animals are 'things' that humans can use for their own ends, rather than sentient individuals who feel pain and pleasure exactly like humans do. Many people look to the RSPCA for guidance on the treatment of animals and trust them to make sure animals don't suffer.  The RSPCA is clearly abusing its reputation as an animal protector when it joins forces with those who profit from killing animals.

2. Conflict of Interest
RSPCA is authorised in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTAA) to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty cases. How can the public have any faith in believing the RSPCA can properly fulfil this important role when they are business partners with animal farmers.

3. Using Children to Sell and Increase Consumer Demand for Animal “Products”
Posters and billboards advertising RSPCA’s Paw of Approval feature children which is a direct violation of the advertising codes of practice. One of the posters depicts a young boy biting into a piece of grilled pig, with the slogan: “How do you like yours?” Another has a girl holding two chicken eggs in front of her eyes. The text at the bottom of this poster reads: “When shopping with mum or dad, look for the RSPCA Paw of Approval on your eggs.”

Egg laying hens
The promotional video below does show how badly debeaked these 'free range' hens are because they are still so crowded they peck at each other, but it fails to mention how they are all killed before their second birthday. These are young hens who should have a long lives ahead of them, yet because they are no longer "economically viable" they are roughly gathered and sent to slaughter.  It also doesn't tell you or show you how their parents live.  Laying hen parent birds are kept tightly confined in dim sheds for over a year. The hens are constantly mated until they have no feathers left on their backs or necks (where the roosters hold on).  Both the hens and roosters live dreadful stressful lives and can be heard screaming several paddocks away from their metal sheds.

Free range "bred pork"
The cute little piglets in the sunshine that feature over and over in this video (below) are soon to be taken from mum and put into enclosed eco-sheds where they will spend the rest of their very shortened lives, approximately five months (pigs can live ten years or more).  Only the sows are allowed to spend time outside and only while they are still productive and producing piglets over and over and over again, until they are exhausted and killed.

RSPCA’s Approved Farming Scheme is a prime example how Animal Welfare organisations claim, on one hand, to be helping all creatures great and small while on the other maintaining that the day to day domination and violent slaughter of animal is acceptable, as long as the animals are abused in the “right way”.

Write a compaint to the ACCC about RSPCA'S unethical behaviour:

Animal Liberation Victoria is making an official complaint to the ACCC regarding the RSPCA's illegal and unethical use of children in its advertisement to sell animal "products".  Please send a complaint to the ACCC and let them know you are repulsed by this ad and the use of children to promote violence.

Let the RSPCA know what you think about their bloody business plan:

Please email the RSPCA in your state and tell them to get out of business with animal abusers.

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