RSPCA watch dog: RSPCA management fails animals despite the hard work of volunteers
Cydesdale Mare 22nd Aug 2006
Negelected Horse in Warrandyte
26 April 2007

ALV received the following email from Kim Chrys, a concerned member of the public

I rang you earlier regarding a neglected mare. I have attached photo's for you as well. [see right and below]

I was called by a friend on monday to inspect a horse that was down and couldnt get up. What i saw horrified me this poor mare had been down for days severely dehydrated and starving she was lying in her own manure and urine, i stayed with the mare for as long as i could a vet was on the way, every breathe seemed to be a struggle. sadly before the vet arrived the mare gave up and died a long and painful death.

I have contacted the RSPCA and made a complaint, i have been in today as i was notified that there was a complaint made to the RSPCA at the end of Feb and this person received a reply on the 16 of march saying that an inspector had visitored the horse, the owner warned and the RSPCA would monitor them , now a horse has died. Could someone please explain that to me??

I have been told that she has since moved the remaining horses but why wasnt this mare seen previously?

I know the owner her name is [deleted], the horse was kept at tindals rd in warrandyte. at an agistment property.

if you need any more info pls email me. I think the photo's speak for themselves.

Kind regards

Kim Chrys

Listen for yourself - 3AW Website features interviews about the Warrandyte horse

Neil Mitchell of 3AW was also contacted by Kim and the 3AW website features audio interviews with Kim, Maria Mecurio of the RSPCA, and Barrie Tapp who is a former RSPCA inspector and strong critic of the RSPCA's lack of responsible action as the only animal welfare organisation in Victoria with the power to prosecute cruelty claims.

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