RSPCA watch dog: RSPCA management fails animals despite the hard work of volunteers
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  mail bag icon 1 June 2009
RSPCA CEO (NSW) Approves the Killing of 145,000 Kangaroos

Richard Jones
" ..The RSPCA should have no part in this cruelty.  It's a bit like ensuring the bunk beds in Nazi concentration camps are wide enough for the inmates but turning a blind eye to what actually happens.  You are complicit with cruelty. You need to remember what the letters RSPCA stand for.  It is not the Royal Society for the Promotion of Cruelty to Animals but that is what you are doing....."

  mail bag icon 9 May 2009
Overcrowded Sheep with Piglets

" ..We told the RSPCA we had photos we could email them, but they have not contacted us about the incident and most certainly they have not followed up on this report which is no surprise...."

  mail bag icon 24 March 2009
Horses In Unacceptable Conditions

Name Witheld
" ..Mr O'Shannassy, I have alway shied away from the anti RSPCA sentiment, believing in good overcoming evil.  Sadly and to my utter dismay, I have discovered this week that evil does infact win.....this round anyway.  We will pursue this matter further until it is resolved..."

  mail bag icon 19 March 2009
A Horse Being Neglected

Name Witheld
" ..When we contacted the RSPCA, they didn't want to know about it because the farm was "too far away" from their headquarters and because they apparently have a policy of no longer getting involved in the countless cases of deaths from hypothermia amongst farm animals with inadequate access to shelter..."

  mail bag icon 26 June 2008
From an ex-RSPCA Worker

Name Witheld
" ..I used to work at the RSPCA.  The main and only focus of that organisation is money... All I heard when I was working there was "we only get 4% funding from the government".. they don't pursue anything "too hard" or rock the boat..."

  mail bag icon 21 May 2007
Re the 2007 Million Paws Walk

" ..As your motto suggests, "All Animals Great and Small", and this includes the poor cows, pigs, lambs and other animals that wound up being killed and served up at an RSPCA event..."

  mail bag icon 1 May 2007
Rats in a Pet Store vs the RSPCA

Jess Flint
" ..I spoke at length to the council and was told that they could not just send a ranger out to the shop...they told me that the RSPCA constantly fobs off complaints such as that onto them and to go back to the RSPCA..."

  mail bag icon 26 April 2007
Neglected Horse in Warrandyte

Kim Chrys
" ..I have contacted the RSPCA and made a complaint.. I was notified that there was a complaint made to the RSPCA at the end of Feb.. now a horse has died. Could someone please explain that to me??"

  mail bag icon 29 March 2007
Cat and Kittens Euthanised

Howard Sanders
"I had the displeasure...of taking a mother cat and 4 kittens to my local rspca shelter (Pearcedale) for adoption only to find out that they would all be put down...i attempted to get them back only to be way..."