RSPCA watch dog: RSPCA management fails animals despite the hard work of volunteers

mail iconCat and Kittens Euthanised, Not Adopted Out
29 March 2007

I had the displeasure ,as it turned out of taking a mother cat and 4 kittens to my local rspca shelter (Pearcedale) for adoption only to find out that they would all be put down.

I was lied to, told by one person they where sick, then another person told me they had dropped weight ,so werent suitable for adoption ,well any wonder being taken off mother when they knew the kittens were only 4 weeks old.

Then i attempted to get them back only to be told by the lady who runs that shelter no way ,then their customer relations man rang me to try and resolve the issue,nice man but hands were tied with their rules.

What they did is tantamount to cruelty. Why not just advertise to the community ,we will put down any animal for you in stead of making out they adopt animals out ,what a sick joke ,just bare faced liars ,and one only has to go on internett and read stories of branch stacking at rspca region to suite farming interests ect...

Howard Sanders