RSPCA watch dog: RSPCA management fails animals despite the hard work of volunteers

mail iconRats in a Pet Store vs the RSPCA
1 May 2007

Hi, I am writing to you because the RSPCA are useless twats.

I went to Living Jungle in Fawkner to purchase a rat. I was shocked at the dirty conditions they were living in, and that several of them were clearly very ill (they were wheezing to the point where they could barely breathe, and some of the males had grossly swollen and infected genitals), and so decided to report it to the RSPCA.

The RSPCA told me that pet shop issues such as dirty living conditions were a council issue and to call them. I tried to tell them of my concerns related to the health of the animals but was told again to call the council and let them deal with it.

I spoke at length to the council and was told that they could not just sent a ranger out to the shop, that bi-annual checks were done on all the pet stores in their area and that Living Jungle had been one of the better ones based on the results of the last check. I told them that what they'd just said was one of the most retarded things I'd ever heard, and they told me that the RSPCA constantly fobs off complains such as that onto them and to go back to the RSPCA.

I rang the RSPCA again and when they tried to tell me again that it was a council issue, I exploded and said that it was stupid to say that, that the council couldn't do shit, and that the rats were clearly sick and suffering and would probably die because of all the bullshit and red-tape. After that they took me more seriously. They took down details of everything I said, and told me an inspector would go out there today.

So... long story short... i'm pissed off with how much I was f*cked around, and even more pissed off that the shop in question somehow managed to pass an inspection!

Is there anything else I can do? I'm going to call them in a few days and follow up to see if they actually did send someone, and if they didn't then I will do whatever it takes to get this whole situation out in the public eye, even if it means going to A Current Affair.

Jess Flint