RSPCA watch dog: RSPCA management fails animals despite the hard work of volunteers

mail iconRe the 2007 Million Paws Walk
21 May 2007

Hello, I have copied a letter to you which I initially sent to the RSPCA. Thank-you for your website; it definitely opened my eyes to a few issues sorrounding the RSPCA. I am hoping I will receive a response [from the RSPCA] soon.
Thanks again,

Jill's letter to the RSPCA and ALV

Hello, My name is Jill and I attended the Million Paws Walk yesterday, with my lab Bowie. We had an excellent day out, but I must say, I was a bit confused with the Animal Liberation Organization and their protests around the event.

It was not until I got home and read their information, was I a little bit shocked - especially at their website,

I find some of the information on the website disappointing, for example, the fact that the RSPCA served sausages and hamburgers at the event, which I also noted on the day. While I understand that those who aren't vegetarians may enjoy this food, I agree with the Animal Liberation Org. that the RSPCA should be actively encouraging vegetarianism.

As your motto suggests, "All Animals Great and Small", and this includes the poor cows, pigs, lambs and other animals that wound up being killed and served up at an RSPCA event.

I understand that you also served vege burgers, however I believe this was an excellent opportunity to encourage people to try vegetarian foods - I am sure that if there were only non-meat dishes on offer, many would buy them regardless.

I understand that this was a day for dogs - this is why I attended primarily - however all animals are special.

I commend you and the RSPCA on a fantastic day - I've never seen so many dogs, and my own throughly enjoyed the day. I am a true supporter and fan of the RSPCA.

However, I believe that the Animal Liberation Org. does present a strong point in the form of their active protest, which I believe would have been extremely embarrassing for the RSPCA, considing they set up at your own event.

True love for animals considers all of them, even those that are tasty and appealing to some! Further support is required for those who aren't necessarily man's best friends.

Kind regards,