RSPCA watch dog: RSPCA management fails animals despite the hard work of volunteers

mail iconFrom an ex-RSPCA Worker
26 June 2008

I used to work at the RSPCA.  The main and only focus of that organisation is money.  Before I worked there I reported on a dog that was living in a car.  Its owner lived in a flat and he kept his Rottweiler in a car around the corner.  I rang the RSPCA and local council countless times and nothing would be done because apparently as long as an animal can stand up and has water it's a-OK with the RSPCA.  I was told by their Media Manager that "there are dogs worse off than that Rottweiler" to which I responded " yes, isn't that terrible, why isn't anything being done?"  And of course, they say "we only have 4% funding from the Government so we are limited in what we can do".  How the amount of money they have has anything to do with them doing their job is beyond me.

All I heard when I was working there was "we only get 4% funding from the government".  And this may well be true, however they are so afraid of losing that 4% that they don't pursue anything "too hard" or rock the boat. 

I gladly give money to all sorts of other animal welfare organisations but the RSPCA will never get a cent of it. 

I was happy I had the opportunity to work there and see what they are all about.  Their internal structure and business processes are as hopeless and ineffective as their ability to help the animals.  I think they have completely forgotten what their task is and are only interested in making money. 

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