RSPCA watch dog: RSPCA management fails animals despite the hard work of volunteers

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24 March 2009

Mr O'Shannassy,

Your (senior?) inspector returned the phone call I put into you yesterday. Unfortunately he was extremely aggressive in his manner and was quite difficult to talk to. He was also unable to explain to any satisfaction why a Vet was not called to these horses.  According to the Bega Police conversation with your inspector, no vet was available. Curiously enough, I spoke with two vets from 3 practices who were both available and standing by, ready to go to Candelo, should they have been called.  You never can under estimate the value of small communities.

I have attached 3 more pictures for your interest.  All taken today after the horses have been fed twice daily for 5 days.  Your inspector saw these horses before they started to put on condition from the feed. 

These photos demonstrate (in reverse order)

  1.  A lice infestation on the bay mare. 
  2. The bay mare spine and hips and pelvis, clearly emaciated.  her poor coat condition also evident
  3.  The chestnut, in the best condition of the 3 of them, still ribby and poor. 
  4. Extremely poor "summer" coat condition.  Reported by your inspector as being "good"
  5. The grey horse is extremely poor condition
  6. Again, the grey.

Surely you can understand that after 5 days of feeding that these horses are still in an extremely bad situation, but are, thanks to the feed, putting on condition.

Your inspector is apparently satisfied with an explanation from the owner that these horses developed a sudden condition that saw them loose weight rapidly and end up like this.  The best of veterinary advice assures us that that condition is called Starvation, quite preventable. 

Mr O'Shannassy, I have alway shied away from the anti RSPCA sentiment, believing in good overcoming evil.  Sadly and to my utter dismay, I have discovered this week that evil does infact win.....this round anyway.  We will pursue this matter further until it is resolved.  I urge you to please reconsider your hard line position on these horses condition.  A blind man can see this is not acceptable. 

Your personal response will be greatly appreciated.

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