RSPCA watch dog: RSPCA management fails animals despite the hard work of volunteers

mail iconOvercrowded Sheep with Piglets
9 May 2009

Hi RSPCA Watch Dog

In late December 2008, we made a report to the RSPCA Tasmania
about our concerns about a person who was transporting sheep
and piglets in an overcrowded situation on the back of a ute.
We gave the RSPCA Tasmania details including his license plate.

At about 12.10pm we were driving north on the A1 on 22nd December 08,
and this is when we noticed a ute pulling a trailer. We noticed the trailer
was overcrowded with sheep and also that the trailer lights were inoperative.
It was also travelling north at about 95 kms / hr.

We were worried about the conditions for the sheep. There were unable
to lay down or turn around and of course there was no water or food.
This man and his loaded trailer pulled in to Baghdad Liberty petrol
station about 10 mins later and we pulled in behind them and took
photos and took down their REGO. The ute was a Holden twin
cab tray top. REGO no. XX XXXX (Tasmania plates)

The trailer was just a small 8 x 10 trailer. There were 24 sheep in the trailer
and nearly as many in the back of the ute plus there were 6 piglets in the
back of the ute with the sheep. They were unable to move, turn or lay down.

We told the RSPCA we had photos we could email them, but they have not contacted us about the incident and most certainly they have not followed up on this report which is no surprise.

Please see photos attached.

Kind regards